Catering School Opatija is dedicated to general data protection and privacy (in the text: privacy protection) of his users as in concordance with the regulations in effect and the best European practice. Privacy protection of the web site RCK Recept user is an important segment in creation of every service we offer.

Catering School Opatija wishes to provide its users with clear information on use and protection or their personal data within the range of its services by this Privacy Policy (in the text: Politics).

Politics decree does not withhold rights nor does it impose any obligation on users in terms of personal data processing, that the users have on the grounds of regulations in effect and possible contract regulations on personal data protection. Politics is unilateral, legally binding regulation of Catering School Opatija.

Application domain

Users of web site are advised to read all the information on this site in order to understand which data Catering School Opatija collects and processes, in which purposes, in accordance with which regulation, with whom and why the School shares the data, which protection measures it implements and what are the users’ rights in terms of personal data access, correction, erasing and right to complain.

Each user that has any question regarding personal data can send an email to [email protected].

Data we collect

By accessing the site, the web site ‘contact’ user can send an inquiry. Web site will ask to obtain certain information on the user, such as name and surname, email and text message on the same page. After the person completes the information, he/she can press ‘send message’ and will execute sending of the data to the official project email of ‘RCK RECEPT-Regional Center of Competence in Tourism’, that is [email protected].

User decides on sharing his personal information. If the user does not provide the necessary information that the contact form requires, the inquiry will technically not be sent.

Apart from this data, we automatically collect the data from your computer, which might include IP address, and sometimes we automatically collect other information such as date and time of access to the site, hardware information, software or Internet search engine that the user uses as well as the OS of your computer and the application version and your language settings. We can also collect information on clicks and sites that were accessed.

By taking pictures of different sceneries, places, streets and people, it is possible that you are in the photo. If you think your photos should not be on this site, contact us on email [email protected].by informing us about the problem, and we will remove the photo you are in the shortest possible time.

If you consider that some parts or content of this site is in violation of your author’s rights, contact us on email [email protected], and your request will be considered in the shortest possible time, and the content in question will be removed if the complaint is valid and true.

Legal foundation of the collected data

Catering School Opatija, as the service provider is in concordance with the regulations in effect aiming to protect user privacy, and more specifically General Data Protection Regulation.

Personal data is each data that refers to the individual who has been identified or can be identified; individual whose identity can be determined is an individual that can be identified directly or indirectly, using identifiers such as name, identification number, location information, network identifier; or by means of one or more factors typical for physical, physiological, genetic, mental, economic, cultural or social identity of that individual.

Personal data processing is every procedure of personal data, through automatic or unautomatic means such as harvesting, recording, organizing, structuring, archiving, adjusting or replacing, searching, inspecting, using, detecting by transfer, sharing or giving access in another way, matching or combining, limiting, erasing or destroying.

The user by the input of his personal data and confirmation click on accepting Privacy Policy and terms of personal data use comes into contracting relation that is the basis for communication via contact form, and therefore the personal data processing is legal because actions on behalf of the users are taking place so that the activities can be started. The user thus consents to personal data processing. The user can withhold his/her consent in any moment by notifying through the official email address [email protected].

Sharing data to third parties

Catering School Opatija will not share personal data of the users to third parties except in cases stipulated in situations when positive regulations require doing so.

Catering School will share user’s personal data, when contract realization requires such actions, with sponsors of award winning competitions in the process of giving the prize to the winner, or in situations when Catering School Opatija, as the organizer of award winning competition, declares in the competition rules that the sponsor will organize handing the award to the winner. Also, the School will share user personal data in case when parties of interest in organization of certain events require it due to safety reasons.

Collecting data period

Catering School Opatija archives personal data sent by inquiry through Internet site for the period of processing purpose, and that period refers to inquiry receiving, processing and answering.

Personal data access and correction

The user can ask and receive from Catering School Opatija information on archived personal data as well as the correction of the information by sending email to [email protected].

Personal data erasing

The user has the right to ask to have his/her personal data erased (‘right to be forgotten’) at any time. It can be done by sending a request to email address [email protected] and the data will be erased within thirty days.

Right to complain

If in spite of all the measures of personal data protection, you consider that you have the grounds to complain, contact us through email address [email protected]. You also have the right to report the issue to the Croatian Personal Data Protection Agency.

Personal data protection measures

Catering School Opatija takes personal data protection seriously and takes measure precautions in order for the personal data to be protected. Unfortunately, not a single data transfer via Internet, or any wireless network can be 100% safe. As a result of that, although Catering School Opatija implements reasonable data measure precautions, it can not guarantee the protection of any information transferred on or off Internet site, and is therefore not responsible for any action of any third party that comes in possession of such information.

Privacy policy modification

This Privacy Policy and terms of Catering School personal data use can be altered at any moment by publishing the modified text of Privacy policy on Internet site Therefore, Catering School Opatija invites users to occasionally examine this Policy. If the user does not agree with this Policy, he/she is directed to leave and not to access nor use Internet site Modification of Privacy policy and terms of personal data use comes into force immediately after the declaration on Internet site By using the Internet site after the modification, it is assumed that the user confirms and accepts the modified Privacy policy and terms of personal data use.

Mobile Application

The app may show photographs of recipes uploaded by users. The photographs undergo a manual review process by the legal entity of Regional Center of Competence to ensure its contents do not violate copyright and or other unwanted content. All other information, such as health & fitness, financial, location, sensitive, browsing history, purchases or similar are not being collected by the application.

Rules of conduct with “cookies”

What are cookies?
A cookie is information stored on computer by web site that you visit. It is usually stored onto your settings and web site settings, as for example preferred language or address. By opening the same web site later, Internet search engine send back a cookie belonging to this site. This enables the site to present personalized data.

Cookies can store a wide range of information, including personal information (e.g. personal name or email address). Yet, this information can be stored only if explicitly enabled because the web site cannot get the access to information that you have not given it, and cannot access other files on your computer. Assigned storing activities and cookie sending are not always visible to the users. However, you can change Internet search engine settings by independently choosing whether you accept cookie storing or decline and then automatically erase stored cookies and other settings while closing Internet search engine.

How to adjust cookie setting?

By adjusting cookie setting you decide if you want to allow their storage on your computer. Managing and adjusting cookie settings, as mentioned, can be made in Internet search engine. Some settings can depend on device you are using to access the Internet (desk computer, tablet or mobile phone), and are not all available in Croatian language. If you disable cookies, you will not be able to use some functionalities on web sites

Network server has the function of accepting installed, by means of which it can decline cookie storage and which asks any new user to choose. Without actions over functionalities, cookies will not automatically store on the user computer.

What are session cookies?

Session cookies are removed from the computer when the Internet search engine closes. Web sites store persistent information thanks to session cookies, some examples of it is storing information in the required fields for the membership in the association.

What are persistent cookies?

Persistent cookies remain on computer after the closing of Internet search engine. By using it, web sites store information like user name and password, so you do not have to apply the next time you visit the site. Persistent cookies will remain on computer for days, months and even years.

What are first party cookies?

First party cookies come from web sites you are watching; they can be session or persistent cookies. By using it, web sites can store data that will be re-used during the next visit to the site.

What are third party cookies?

Third party cookies come from other web sites contents like advertisement located on the site you are currently on. By using it, web sites can track Internet use in marketing purposes.

Does use cookies?

Web site uses cookies primarily to enable the site to have the best user experience.

What kind of cookies does use and why?

Session cookies are temporary cookies that expire (and are automatically erased) when you close Internet search engine. We use them to enable content access on

Persistent cookies usually have long-term expiration date and will remain in your search engine. Either until they expire, or until they are manually erased. uses persistent cookies for functionalities like ‘memory’ in terms of user filling out some inquiry fields, which enables easier use for you, as the registered site user. We also use persistent cookies to understand better user habits and according to that, improve the site in accordance with the user experience. This information is anonymous – we cannot see individual user data.

Measuring site visits

Our web site uses Google Analytics, a service of web analysis that is provided by Google, Inc. (‘Google’). Information generated by cookies on your use of our site (including your IP address) will be transferred to Google and stored on remote servers. Google will use that information to evaluate your use of our site, by creating report on activities on web site for web site operators and by providing other services related to web site use and Internet use. Google can also transfer that data to third parties, if required by the Law, or if such third parties process data on behalf of Google. Google will not link your IP address to other data that Google owns. Further information on Google rules on privacy can be obtained on