About the project

RCK RECEPT – Regional Center of Professions in Tourism UP. is an irreversibly funded project completely financed by the European Social Fund within Operational program Efficient Human Potentials 2014 – 2020. Total project worth amounts to 7.788.588,48 €. Project holder is Catering School Opatija and the period for the project implementation is April 1st 2020 – December 1st 2023.

Project holder:

Regional Center of Competence
Catering School Opatija


Establishing work organization and the development of the Regional Center of Competence

By establishing RCK Managing Board and developing strategic plan and analysis, by establishing teams for quality, designing and implementing HUB program, participating in expert visits and working with international cooperation expert and defining the network of cooperating institutions, there is a direct impact on establishing program and staff oriented conditions of RCK Catering School Opatija.

Development and implementation of program: regular vocational education, training and lifelong learning in Regional Center of Competence.

By developing and implementing regular program of vocational education, program of education and training, and program of lifelong education, along with obtaining equipment and innovative program of using new technologies (SMART cabinets and AR) in RCK Opatija, program conditions are being ensured and RCK as the center of excellence in vocational education and training, and lifelong education in the subsector of hospitality and tourism is being formed.

Improving competencies of educational workers and mentors employed with the employers

Staff conditions for the establishment and work of the RCK are being ensured by participation of educational workers in expert training in the Republic of Croatia and abroad, by implementing workshops of innovative teaching methods, workshops on horizontal politics and by implementing mentor training in order for the mentors to be proficient while working with apprentices during practical classes.

Promotion of vocational professions and work of Regional Center of Competence

By implementing the promoting activity of RCK, program is being well represented, target groups motivation in program participation is improved, and the users of the programs are well directed towards those activities that will upgrade their competitive advantages on the labor market.

Innovation and cooperation with institutions of higher education and scientific organizations, vocational chambers and associations alongside relevant economic subjects

By implementing partnership cooperation with the representatives of vocational chambers/associations/supporting institutions, scientific community and people from the economy, within the implementation of MIA (research teams for creation of concrete solutions in the field of new technology implementation in the sector of tourism and catering on the level of RCK), Law defined task is being ensured on the level of centers involved with the development and implementation of activities on the level of RCK Opatija.

Regional Center of Competence Catering School Opatija is established as the center of excellence for vocational education, training and lifelong learning in the sector of hospitality and tourism with clear direction towards innovative teaching methods, training and development based on work and connecting educational, public, private and civil sector to obtain the quality of knowledge and competencies for the labor market.

Insured financial project funds are meant to insure the establishment of the structure and work organization of the Regional Center of Competence, as well as the development and implementation of regular education, adult education and lifelong learning within RCK, improvement of employee competencies, promotion of vocational professions and work of the Center, innovation and cooperation with Institutions of higher education, scientific organizations, vocational chambers and associations, relevant economic subjects, promotion and visibility, project managing and administration.

Project holder implements project activities in cooperation with: County of Primorje and Gorski Kotar, high schools of dr. Antun Barac (Crikvenica), Hrvatski kralj Zvonimir (Krk), Ambroz Haračić (Mali Lošinj) and Catering and Trade School (Karlovac). Other project partners are: and the Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management from Opatija, Science and Technology Park StepRi Ltd., Adult Education Institution in Zagreb and economic organizations: Katarina Line Ltd. (Opatija), Valamar Riviera Inc., Jadranka Mali Lošinj Ltd. (Mali Lošinj), and IV-ER-VATROGASNE CIJEVI Ltd. (Karlovac) as the sector representatives. The applicant as the head of the Managing Board manages RCK, while the representatives of all the partners participate in the work of the Board.

Total Project value

58.683.119,88 kn

Project implementation period

from 01. 4. 2020. to 01. 12. 2023.

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