Tourism behind the scenes

The event „Tourism behind the scenes“ was held on 28th April 2022 at the magnificent Hotel Hilton Rrijeka Costabella Beach Resort & Spa. The goal of this event was to promote both Catering School Opatija as a secondary school for professions in tourism industry and Hotel Hilton as an employer, all in order to make students more interested for work in catering and hospitality industry.

During the three hours long programme eight graders were actively involved in activities of preparing coffee, cocktails, pizzas and cakes – all in order to experience work in catering and hospitality industry firsthand. Moreover, they had the opportunity to talk to current students of Catering School Opatija and also to the employees of Hotel Hilton, Catering School Opatija ex-students. Elementary School Čavle, Elementary School Nikola Tesla, Elementary School Srdoči and Elementary School Zamet took part in this event.