17 th “Sea Pearl” – international competition

The international competition “Sea Pearl”, in which 18 catering schools participated, was held in the period from April 8th, 2022 to April 12th on the island of Brač.

For the first time this year, teachers of catering schools and colleges tried their hand competitively. The first individual competition of junior waiters was held (preparation and serving steak tartare for 2 people and serving red wine and flambéing sweet dishes and serving sparkling wine), as well as competitions of young bartenders in the category of synchronized cocktail. In addition, there was a competition of two-member school teams (waiter + chef) in the chef’s table category where it was evaluated from preparing meals to serving guests.

In the culinary discipline, our students Kljukić and Šarić won third place with mentor Ljiljana Mikinac. In the chef’s table discipline, student waiter Petrović took third place alongside mentor Aleksandra Miljević, while in the same discipline student chef Jukić won second place with mentor Marko Pađen. Students Petrović and Jukić won the first-place in the overall standings.

Pastry teacher Jasna Visković won a silver medal in the category of mentors in the event Preparation of Modern Dishes in terms of points and first place in the overall standings.

Congratulations to the students, mentors and teacher Visković !