CONFERENCE – „Regional Center of Competence as a RECIPE for quality in vocational education”

On 26th November 2021 the conference „Regional Center of Competence as a RECIPE for qaulity in vocational education“ was held, organized by Catering School Opatija in Grand Hotel 4 Opatijska Cvijeta. The conference was a part of two projects: the European project RCK RECEPT – Regional Center of Competence and the event „Open Days of EU Projects“.

Ms Marina Medarić, Deputy head of the County, presented the most important information about the project RCK RECEPT – Regional center of professions in tourism, underlining the recognition of importance of the project by County of Primorje and Gorski Kotar. Furthermore, she emphasized the role of Catering School Opatija and Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management in making Opatija a leader in creating quality professionals in tourism industry.

Mr Fernando Kirigin, mayor of the City of Opatija, underlined the continuous quality collaboration of the City of Opatija and Catering School Opatija, praising the importance of this project. Ms Edita Stilin, Head of County Administrative Department for Education, ponted out that the specificity of this project is focus on education of teachers and development of new educational programs, which will enable the school to become a modern Eropean center. Jelena Pavičić, Head of Department for strategic planning in Ministry of Tourism and Sport, added that Opatija deserved having such a quality project as Regional Center of Competence. She emphasized the importance of work-based learning and collaboration with employers. Mrs Pavičević concluded that „the education is a starting point of all great destinations“. Mrs Sonja Bajza, Head of Department of tenders preparation and contracts implementation in Agency for Vocational Education and Training and Adult Education, pointed out that the Agency, namely, the unit DECO as an intermediate body of the second level, is always on disposal to Catering School Opatija in order to help with successful implementation of the project.

Ms Sibila Roth, Catering School Opatija principal, underlined improvement of quality of education through innovative methods of teaching, collaboration with employers and efficient knowledge acquisition as their key goals. „Our aim is to attract more students and to promote professions in catering and hospitality industry“ said Ms Roth, pointing out the importance of quality cooperation with other centres of competence in field of tourism and hospitality. Project manager, Mr Almir Maslić presented to the guest the most important features of the project RCK RECEPT, whereupon representatives of project partners presented details of the project. Consequently the guest found out more about the modernisation of curriculum in RCK Opatija, quality system, teacher professional development, students competitons, developement of entrepreneurial skills and generally about Regional Center of Competence Opatija from employer’s point of view.